Client Feedback


Your editing on my children’s book was exactly what editing should be–thorough without being painful, responsive without being suggestible, and creative without being intrusive. While I did find myself murmuring a frustrating number of “Oh damn, she’s right”s while reading your comments, I never felt ravaged. You responded to my questions thoroughly and sensibly, without making the all-too-common mistake of assuming all change is good. And perhaps most importantly, while you made a number of constructive suggestions, I never felt like you were wresting my work from me. I feel as if you magnified my work instead of altering it.

Thanks again for your excellent help.

–Arden Rowell


Susan is simply the best editor I know. I think this is significant because as a professional writer in business and technology for the past twenty years I have worked with perhaps sixty or seventy editors. I first met her seven years ago when we were on the same project at Microsoft. Because I am called in on jobs on a project basis, I’ve learned how to spot the best editor in a group, and I had to do some hasty dancing behind the scenes to keep her assigned to my work. It was worth it, as she was head and shoulders above her colleagues both in knowing what should be fixed and (this being the key to brilliant editing in my humble opinion) in knowing what should be left alone.

But Susan’s place is in the world of fiction, where her uncanny ability to spot those very points where motivation goes awry, where tension fades, and where momentum slumps is startling and transformative. Better yet, when I hired her to work on my YA science-fiction novel, she was certainly able to give me suggestions for fixes that were dramatically effective. In short, Susan’s genius lies in putting her finger squarely on those things that have been irking the writer (in my case for years) and in saying just how they ought to be fixed.

Unfortunately, getting fiction published is always a tricky business. Competition is fierce and an element of luck is always involved. Hiring an editor for your work is a big investment in money and in yourself because you must implement her suggestions. I can only say that you will not find a better editor than Susan Grossman. Not only will your work be squeaky clean when she goes through it, but if you have any issues that are standing in the way of publication, she will find them and help you move them out of your way. I never spent money on my work more wisely than in hiring Susan for my novel.

–Laurie Freeman

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. Your suggestions were fantastic and quite helpful!

–Kim Messina


Wow, what an improvement. Your cleaned-up version is much cleaner, and much smoother. It was greatly needed. Thanks again!

–Karen Richart


Choosing an editor for your manuscript is one of the most important decisions you will make. In my own case, when I first considered having my first children’s book manuscript edited I had no idea what to expect. I thought that an editor would go over grammatical mistakes, punctuation, and perhaps obvious faults in the plot. But Susan exceeded all my expectations.

Not only did she make the expected corrections, but she tirelessly encouraged me to work on my manuscript with valuable additional information and amazingly insightful comments. I also found her to be sensitive and inspiring with her critique, and as an extra bonus, she brightened my days with her precious humour. Like a true mentor, she went out of her way to be supportive and encouraging. She never let me get away with taking the easy way out of a “sticky spot” and untiringly provided me with new suggestions until I found a workable solution. I am very impressed with her knowledge and impeccable professionalism.

On a more personal note, I will never be able to thank her enough for broadening my vision, increasing my critical thinking and changing my work ethics from a naïve amateur to a serious researcher into my own work.

I would recommend Susan as an editor to any aspiring or professional writer who wishes to improve his or her manuscripts to the highest standard possible. I think, you will also find that Susan encourages your self-expression and respects your own vision. In fact, during my editing adventure with her of two of my manuscripts she was a highly professional editor as well as a delightful and inspiring person to deal with.

I hope you will embark on this exciting journey with Susan and that you will find it as rewarding as I have.

–Angelika Jamal


Thanks for your help. It was well worth the investment. That was just the kind of input I needed.

–Coy Blair


You did a wonderful job. I’m very glad I had you edit my manuscript. You found things that no one else had noticed–even the tiny mistakes that most people don’t even realize are wrong because their brain subconsciously fills in the missing gaps.

–Matthew Peterson


Working with Susan Grossman was a pleasure and an education. Not only did Susan line edit my work with infinite care and insight, she also helped me to understand when I was undermining my own goals with grandiloquence, inconsistency or coarseness. Susan was gentle with me and hard on my short comings, making sure neither us of confused the two. My characters had formal military and governmental titles, and she pointed out even minor inconsistencies. My horrendous spelling and occasional dropped words never daunted her, while her notes were so clear that I rarely, if ever, had to ask for elaboration: I knew what she meant the first time she said it. I found her extensive publishing experience, particularly with Science Fiction, help to ground me in this new area of endeavor. I think it my great good fortune that Susan Grossman edited my first Science Fiction novel.

–Jacques Freydont