A word about our fees

Hiring an experienced independent editor is an investment in your work, but we try to maintain flexibility to make the work affordable.

How does Narwhal create a fee estimate?

Narwhal creates a customized fee estimate based on a sample of your work to determine how long your book will take to edit and how much time we need to charge for the work. We’ve been at this a long time and our hit rate for our estimates being right on the money (so to speak) is pretty high.

What if Narwhal’s estimate is wrong?

If our estimate is wrong and we overcharge you, we’ll refund the overpayment. If our estimate is wrong and we undercharge you, we figure it’s our problem.

Payment policies

As part of its payment policies, Narwhal requests a deposit. The remainder of the payment is structured in installments. You may cancel your reservation without penalty if we’re late in starting, and we will discount our fee if we’re late in returning your manuscript. The editorial agreement we ask you to sign will specify the contracted service, the fee, and the dates.

We accept payments via personal check and PayPal.

Fee schedule

You can find our fee schedule here.