Your Fee Estimate

When you contact Narwhal to inquire about editing, we will ask you for about ten pages of your manuscript to look at, and we will do a free edit of about a thousand words. We use this sample to determine how long it will take us to edit your manuscript. We will then translate that into a per-word rate for you so that you have a firm price quote.

The sample edit also gives us a chance to assess what we think will serve you best, and gives you a chance to see if our styles click.

What if Narwhal’s estimate is wrong?

If your manuscript takes less time than we’ve estimated, we will refund the extra (or, if you prefer, apply it to your future projects). If your manuscript takes more time than we’ve estimated, we consider it our error and will not charge you more than we quoted.

Very rarely, we see that the manuscript sample we used to create the estimate is not representative of the whole work. In that case, we will contact you immediately to discuss revising the estimate.