Free Editing Sample


If you are interested in seeing what we have to offer, please send us a manuscript sample of about ten pages in an email attachment. We will return a free editing sample of about a thousand words and give you our quick take on your writing’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the sample, we will estimate how long your manuscript will take to edit and quote you a fee.

Your email should include:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • Your manuscript’s title
  • Your word count
  • The genre
  • A brief synopsis of your story
  • Your intended audience (for example, adults, young adults, children)
  • Whether you intend to self-publish your manuscript
  • Any special issues you think editing your manuscript might involve
  • The level of editing and service you anticipate¬† (e.g., light copy edit, developmental edit, quick once-over, ripping the thing apart and starting all over)
  • Your deadline, if you have one