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A story is an elusive creature. Narwhal’s only job is to help you bring it to life.

Your relationship with your editor is very personal. You and your editor should be a team. The luxury of hiring an independent editor is having a professional who is 100% behind your vision for making your story the best it can be.

Narwhal focuses on very personalized editing. We’ll help you choose the level of editing you need, give you as much or as little feedback as you want, and explain why we’re suggesting changes. We strive to teach you to be a better writer and a better editor of your own work. And we will always treat you and your work with respect.

As a writer, you will have better chemistry with some editors than others. Take your time and do your research. Is Narwhal right for you? Great! We’d love to work with you.

A word on getting published

Getting published by a mainstream publisher has a lot to do with luck, timing, and marketing decisions. Not all good stories get published…and not all published stories are good.

You might need to shop a manuscript for two or three years before it gets picked up, and it’s unusual for that very first manuscript to get published. But–that first manuscript is the foot in the door. It can get you an invitation to submit your next work.

Be persistent. A manuscript can sit on a publisher’s or agent’s desk for up to a year. But: keep trying. Keep submitting. Be methodical. Don’t give up.

And don’t ever let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be a writer.