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Susan Stern Grossman

Principal Editor

Susan Stern Grossman has worked in the publishing industry for more than 25 years in all aspects of the publishing process–from copyediting and proofreading to acquisitions and developmental editing. Susan’s publishing background includes science fiction/fantasy/horror, children’s & YA books, and nonfiction. She worked in-house for Ace Books and Macmillan and was a longtime freelancer for Baen and other publishers. She was associate editor on the science fiction online magazine InterText.

A writer herself, Susan has five published children’s nonfiction books as well as interviews, short fiction, poetry, and work in other media. Her interview with science-fiction icon Samuel R. Delany can be found in his book Silent Interviews. She left New York in 1990 to attend the celebrated Clarion West Science Fiction Writers’ Workshop and liked Seattle’s writing scene so much that she stayed there for 20 years before deciding to move someplace with sun (Tampa, FL).

In addition to her work with fiction, Susan was pivotal in producing two award-winning children’s CD-ROMs for Microsoft and created content for numerous other projects. She also has written more technical articles about and for the software industry than she can count.

Susan’s work as a writer gives her added insight into the writer’s process. She works with authors at all levels of experience. As a private pre-publications editor, she does a lot of her work with first-time authors. She takes pride in helping them get their manuscripts into the best possible shape for professional consideration.

Susan brings a wide range of interests and areas of subject-matter expertise to her editing. Some of her areas of interest and knowledge are:

  • Animal behavior and physiology
  • Evolution
  • Ecosystems
  • Psychology, psychobiology, and sociobiology
  • Human physiology
  • Western and alternative medicine
  • Herbalism
  • Comparative religion
  • Alternative spiritualities
  • Computers and artificial intelligence

In her copious spare time, usually between midnight and 3AM and on alternate Saturdays, she can be found maintaining a local events calendar, singing at open mics, watching indie films, wandering around taking photos, dithering in PhotoShop, and serving as a slave to her pets. And, of course, reading.

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Angelika Rabini


Narwhal is very lucky to include on our site some of the art of Angelika Rabini, a digital artist of extraordinary talent and sensitivity. She spent her early years absorbing the legends and folklore of her native Germany. These remain a strong influence on her work. Besides myth, legend, and folklore, Angelika’s other main subject area is nature. Her glowing, lovingly observed illustrations of plants, landscapes, and animals are both both fanciful and technically precise. Angelika is the author of two children’s books about Moppel, a young mouse who goes a-journeying. Her naturalistic drawings, charming but not saccharine, will delight any lover of animals, nature, or illustration.